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All of us in the ‘causes’ domain are social scientists committed to the realization of development goals either through our company’s social responsibility arm or through a social enterprise or through partnering with an organization that we work with. In order to increase our capacity and strengthen our commitments, all of us need to join hands, share knowledge and experiences, and on top of it all, know and understand what and who makes this ‘development sector’.

Check your phonebook and email contacts. Do you think they are all the individuals that you will have to remain in touch with to bear the weight of social responsibility that you and your organization have on your shoulders? Of course, you need to know many more of them.

Silver circle does just that. It initiates lighthearted and meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee, extending into special dinner affairs for those more focused meetings. It brings together individuals who either make decisions or are in a position to influence ‘responsibility’ decisions.  It is a circle of individuals who are seen as the torchbearers of hope – the silver lining around dark clouds, which in our case are the obstacles to development.

Silver circle is not any industry body, nor is it a pressure group, and certainly it is not a lobby. It is just a talking, unwinding and smiling group of people whose professional lives revolve around social responsibility and whose personal efforts are focused at sustainable living.

We meet over coffee or dine together. That’s it. And social initiatives, development ideas and synergies that we form are just spin-offs from our meetings.

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 silver circle patron privileges

  • Patrons get access to two editions of Coffee For Cause
  • Open invitation to two silver circle dinners in a year
  • Individual and/or organization profile to be published online, shared with all silver circle patrons as well as CauseBecause subscribers (over 30,000 till July 2014)
  • Free copy of India Responsibility Report (to be launched in October 2015)
  • Communication platform: Each patron/patron organization can get a personalized communication mailed via CauseBecause Newsletter to all circle patrons as well as CauseBecause readers
  • Complimentary subscription to Because, India’s first magazine on responsible and sustainable consumption