Thought Leaders

The Thought Leadership acknowledgement is CauseBecause saying ‘thank you’ to these extraordinary individuals for being who they are. Since Team CauseBecause has been privileged to meet, interact with, and exchange ideas with these individuals, it was a natural next step to honour and felicitate them.

While CSR has made a strategic and much-needed move from the drawing room to the boardroom, the individuals who evolved as knowledge leaders, innovators, thinkers and impact makers in the responsibility and sustainability domain have taken centre stage.

These Thought Leaders have been moving and inspiring people with innovative social ideas; turning these ideas into reality; and proving how belief, commitment and effort can bring about the desired change that each one of us wants to see at the grassroots, embracing communities across the country. These individuals are the Thought Leaders and have inspired a dedicated group of organizations, friends, followers and fans who vouch for their dedication.

 Thought Leaders at Edition 2 

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Click on a picture to read profile

Thought Leaders at Edition 1

Thought Leaders at Edition 3


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